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Inappropriate Ads

As-salamu alaykum all,

we hope you are all doing well. We are still in the phase of the development of the new website.
As you know, iPrayTimes is an app that calculates the islamic prayer times and also has a Qibla compass integrated.
iPrayTimes is still a project that I am doing in my freetime with the purpose to provide you an app that is totally for free and helps you to obtain the right Salaat times and Qibla direction.
In order to cover my costs, there are Ads within the app. iPrayTimes uses Ads from different networks such as Apple iAd or Google AdMob and some others using platforms like MoPub or Addapptr. Therefore, I have little control on the Ads that are going to show within the app.
Some users in Europe were complaining about inappropriate Ads with the app.
I really apologize if you came across such Ads.

Kind regards
Your iPrayTimes Team

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